Veneers are an excellent tool in modern dentistry. They are perfect for anyone who is looking to upgrade their smile, to disguise missing or abnormal teeth. They can make a huge difference to the appeal of someone’s smile, and are a great option for someone looking to improve the appearance of their teeth. 

So, what are veneers? 

Essentially, they are thin covers that are attached to the front of teeth, to look like natural teeth. There are many different types of veneers to choose from, and your dentist can advise on which ones they offer and which are best suited to your mouth. Typically, they are used to give teeth a more classical, appealing shape and look. You can choose to cover just one tooth, or you can cover all your teeth with veneers, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Who needs veneers? 

People may choose veneers if they’re looking to change the structure and the color of their smile, but they don’t want to go through the process of braces and whitening. Veneers are great for achieving a quick – yet dramatic – change. Other people choose to get veneer on a tooth that is perhaps broken, misshapen or those with gaps between their teeth. Others choose veneers if their teeth are stained and can’t be whitened. 

Almost anyone can get veneers — your dentist at Ashley Dental Center, Adelphi, Maryland, can check your oral hygiene and the health of your gums, and then sign you up to get veneers. 

What do veneers feel like? 

Veneers look and feel like natural teeth, so you won’t notice a difference to how you chew when you get them. They are strong, so you can continue to eat normally and they don’t require special care. When veneers are fitted correctly, they should feel like normal teeth. 

Veneers aren’t painful to fit, but the process has to be carefully done so it can take some time. You may have to book a few appointments to get the right effect, but it will all be worth it in the end.

What are the benefits of veneers? 

Veneers are incredibly popular for a reason – they can literally transform a person’s smile. Patients can choose the teeth they’ve always wanted, and at Ashley Dental Center, they can leave with natural-looking, beautiful teeth.  


Because veneers are shells that are attached to your original teeth, you can choose your ideal shape teeth. You have the choice to create the smile you’ve always wanted, thanks to veneers. 


If your teeth are stained or you don’t want to wait to whiten your teeth, you can choose veneers in the shade of white that you like best. 


Veneers are strong and don’t require special maintenance, just twice-yearly check-ups, good oral hygiene and avoiding staining and overly hard foods. They can last and look great for over twenty years. 

To see if you could benefit from veneers, talk to a dentist at Ashley Dental Center, Adelphi, Maryland.