Dental Implant Placement in Silver Spring, MD

dental implant placements

Having a missing tooth can create many issues with confidence and the overall health of your mouth and teeth. Your teeth are crucial to having a healthy jaw bone and vice versa. When a tooth goes missing the socket of the bone that is supposed to hold the tooth in place starts to deteriorate. Deteriorating can spread and could make other parts of the jaw weak which could lead to missing more teeth.


The missing gap in your smile will also cause other problems if a replacement tooth isn’t placed. Our teeth are custom to slightly move over time due to eating habits or new teeth coming in. With a tooth being missing for a long time our teeth still move causing a disruption to the mouth’s alignment and creating problems with the bite. To prevent all of these underlying problems with a missing tooth, fill the gap with an implant at Dr. Ashley Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD!


Implant Placement Steps


After you and the dentist decide that an implant is right for you, the next step will be getting the implant surgically placed into your mouth


Some do worry about the surgical factor when receiving an implant because of the healing pain associated. Dental professionals have all the necessary products and medicines to ensure comfort during and after the procedure.


During surgery, a titanium post is placed into the missing tooth’s home under the gum line and into the jaw bone acting as the root for the new tooth.


When the implant is complete, the posts function is to keep the jaw bone healthy and strong to keep it from deteriorating.


Once the mouth is healed then the replacement tooth can be placed to make your smile whole and strong.


Implants look and have the same strength as natural teeth. If you have lost a tooth, please don’t hesitate to come in and get a diagnosis to see if an implant is right for you! Dr. Paul Ashley and our team are here to help you fill in the gaps in your smile to keep you happy and healthy. Our mission is to provide residents in Silver Spring, Maryland the highest quality of dental implant care.