Emergency Dentistry in Silver Spring, MD

guy with tooth pain

In Case of an Emergency


If you have recently obtained severe pain in your mouth or have a tooth problem that needs immediate attention you have a dental emergency and we are here to help! Being quick to solve whatever dental emergency you may have is essential to eliminate the damage of other teeth and to stop your constant pain.


Signs of an Emergency


Pain and Sensitivity

Sometimes it isn’t so obvious that we have a dental emergency because the problem could be inside our tooth or gums. Sudden sensitivity and severe pain that you might come across can be a sign that you can have an underlying problem. Cavities, cracks in teeth, abscesses, or any infection could be the result of this sudden pain that you are feeling.

If you are feeling pain in your mouth and can’t see it or don’t know exactly what the problem is, the best way to find out is to come in and get diagnosed so we can help take away the pain and solve the problem.


Broken or Displaced Tooth

Breaking a tooth is a very uncomfortable situation that can happen to anyone at any time. Our normal eating habits can cause a tooth to break, when a tooth does break it is very susceptible to decay because the inner part is exposed. Having decay or bacteria reach the inner tooth can cause miserable pain. It is best if you have broken or break a tooth to come in as soon as possible to talk about possible options to keep your tooth healthy and to eliminate pain.

In the unfortunate event of getting a tooth knocked out, depending on the situation, time is of the essence in making efforts to save your tooth. In the case of losing a tooth unexpectedly, there are ways that it can be saved and placed into its original place. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, but no need to fear there are other options. Implants or crowns are a very good option in the case of losing a tooth to reestablish your smile


Emergency Dentist in Silver Spring, MD


If you’ve experienced a dental emergency in the Silver Spring area and are suffering from any severe pain or a displaced or broken tooth please do not hesitate to give us a call! Our team at Paul Ashley wants to help take any tooth pain that you might have to get you feeling right. It is important to come in as soon as possible to stop problems from increasing.