Dental Bonds

There are many ways to get the picture-perfect smile that you’ve been hoping for. The process of achieving the results will depend on what the issue is. For some people, it’ll be braces, either invisible or traditional. For others, it’ll be dental bonds. We’re going to run through everything you need to know about dental bonds, including what they are, the advantages of getting them, and what the process involves. And remember, if you’re looking to improve your smile in Adelphi, Maryland, then be sure to get in touch with Ashley Dental Center.

About Dental Bonds 

So what exactly are dental bonds? It’s essentially the process of restoring the appearance of a tooth that has one or more imperfections. For example, it could be that the tooth is chipped, discolored, or cracked. A dental bond involves applying a composite resin to the tooth. The color of the resin will match the tooth, and make it look like new. While there are other cosmetic treatments available, this is one of the most popular options, in large part because the process is straightforward and effective. You can usually get dental bonds in Adelphi, Maryland, in a single trip to the dentist, and it doesn’t require anesthesia (it’s painless). 

Benefits of Dental Bonds 

Now that we’ve identified what exactly dental bonds are, let’s have a think about the benefits of getting them. As we said earlier, this is an increasingly popular option for people looking to improve their smiles. And there are many good reasons why. For example, they’re more affordable than other cosmetic options. Plus, it’s a smooth process — some cosmetic treatments can take months. Dental bonds aren’t like that. You can get them within a single sitting, too. If you’ve got one or more teeth that aren’t looking as good as they used to, then dental bonds may just be the treatment that you need. 

The Dental Bond Process

The dental bond process isn’t complicated, but it is sophisticated. First, the tooth or teeth that are being bonded are treated with an etching solution, which allows the composite resin to attach securely to the tooth. Next, various resin colors are mixed together in order to find a color that matches the color of the tooth. The dentist will then apply the resin and shape it, so it looks perfect, then use a special tooth to harden the resin. It’ll then be smoothed down, and that’s it — you’ll have a winning smile, and the process will only have taken one trip. 

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