Teeth Whitening in Silver Spring, MD

teeth whitening in silver spring Ashley Dental Center Paul Ashley DDS PC Dentist in Adelphi Maryland Silver Spring, MD DentalUnfortunately, everyone’s teeth tend to darken over time. Many factors of our everyday life such as eating, drinking, health problems, and lack of dental hygiene can cause our teeth to not be as white as they naturally once were. But, the amazing thing about modern dentistry is that now obtaining that naturally white smile is now possible with teeth whitening. At Ashley Dental Center, we offer take-home teeth whitening in Silver Spring to help you whiten that perfect smile!


Professional Teeth Whitening

Accessibility to teeth whitening has grown, with it being in any form such as strips, toothpaste, and even some fluoride, just being at your local drug store. Although over the counter whitening seems cheaper to use, they don’t have the same quick and long-lasting results as professional whitening.

Most patients are attracted to the process of the teeth whitening that Ashley Dental Center provides. In our office, the main whitening process of your teeth takes place in the privacy of your own home, to whiten when you have time. With take-home trays, we have made it easier for the patient to obtain that white smile they desire without taking up too much of their time with extra visits.


Teeth Whitening Process

Our team at Ashley Dental Center wants to make the process of whitening your smile as easy as possible. Custom trays are made in the office, at first we take an impression of both the bottom and top teeth to make a mold that allows us to make the trays. Trays are similar to orthodontic retainers, just a softer material. Our staff will work with you on the type of bleach that is best for you and your teeth and how often to bleach.


Teeth Whitening in Silver Spring

Teeth whitening is for everyone who wants to improve the appearance of their smile. Ashley Dental Center and our staff offer the best in teeth whitening services in Silver Spring, MD. If you would like to learn more about our custom take-home bleaching trays and the process please give us a call or come into our office!!